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100 coffees to a new career


When Jane Merrick found herself looking for work during the COVID pandemic, she made it a point to both reconnect with her existing network and meet new people by having a coffee.

Rather than simply fire off CVs and cover letters, Merrick set out to make a human connection by having 100 coffees with 100 different people.

88 coffees into her plan, Merrick had found a new role, as head of marketing at Rest.

Reflecting on what she's learned, Merrick wrote, "2020 has been an intense and unexpected year, but I will remember it for the time of reflection, learning (in the process of completing 3 courses) trying new things, being open to different experiences, getting out of my comfort zone, and most of all, being resilient." More

Distribution specialist shares experience launching consultancy


Distributions specialist Steve Larkin spent years selling other people's products and services. Now he's... still selling other people's products and services but doing it through his own independent distribution service.

He shares his experiences moving away from the stability of 15 years with BNP Paribas and the challenges and victories founding 3PD. More

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