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Q&A with Emilio Gonzalez on Pendal's rebrand


Emilio Gonzalez, CEO of newly-named Pendal Group, says that it was a “natural evolution” to rebrand from BT Investment Management, with the official ringing of the bell at the ASX on May 4. Emilio tells Industry Moves about the "lightbulb" moment that determined the new name, talks us through some of the challenges faced when making changes to an established brand, and the importance of walking the talk when setting the values of an organisation. More

An Industry Giant prepares to hand over the reins: Q&A with First State Super CEO


First State Super CEO, Michael Dwyer, has announced he will retire at the end of the year, following 14 years as head of the $90 billion fund. Reflecting on his tenure, Michael shares with Industry Moves some highlights and names those who have inspired him along the way. With hindsight, he also considers what he might have done differently; offers some advice to his successor; and shares his thoughts on effective leadership. More

You can find amazing talent when you step outside of Capital Cities: Q&A with Michelle Blicavs


Michelle Blicavs has not slowed down since leaving the board of Local Government Super; in fact, she’s hungry for more! We speak with Michelle about some of her many passion projects, including Unique Leaders Network, a program aimed at connecting and supporting female leaders living in regional Australia, and Top Blokes, an organisation designed to inspire young men. She also shares her views on board diversity, the stellar advice she'd give her 21-year-old self, and why she doesn't believe in work/life balance. More

"Walk your talk and never give up": Q&A with Suncorp's Mark Reinke


After 14 years working in various roles with Suncorp Group, Mark Reinke says the time is right for him to pursue new opportunities and for Suncorp to “inject new thinking” to take it to the next level. Mark speaks with us this week about his role in the group’s digital transformation, shares his thoughts on the introduction of robo-advice - which he sees as neither a threat nor a necessity - and calls upon his years of experience to offer some solid advice for industry newcomers. More

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