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Challenger makes exec changes, searches for new Life chief

Challenger Limited has announced a new role for its Life chief executive and chief investment officer, Chris Plater. He will become the group's first chief executive for operations and technology. In his new role, he'll look after the operations and technology teams that previously reported to the CFO. More

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100 coffees to a new career


When Jane Merrick found herself looking for work during the COVID pandemic, she made it a point to both reconnect with her existing network and meet new people by having a coffee.

Rather than simply fire off CVs and cover letters, Merrick set out to make a human connection by having 100 coffees with 100 different people.

88 coffees into her plan, Merrick had found a new role, as head of marketing at Rest.

Reflecting on what she's learned, Merrick wrote, "2020 has been an intense and unexpected year, but I will remember it for the time of reflection, learning (in the process of completing 3 courses) trying new things, being open to different experiences, getting out of my comfort zone, and most of all, being resilient." More

Distribution specialist shares experience launching consultancy


Distributions specialist Steve Larkin spent years selling other people's products and services. Now he's... still selling other people's products and services but doing it through his own independent distribution service.

He shares his experiences moving away from the stability of 15 years with BNP Paribas and the challenges and victories founding 3PD. More

Predicting what will be in demand in the future


Funds management veteran Richard Borysiewicz started his own funds management distribution business in February and has just signed up his third fund manager – Asian private equity manager Lion Global Investors. He spoke to Industry Moves about why he believes there will be a greater tilt to private markets in the future and shared some of the trials and tribulations of being a start up.


Adviser asks Santa for access to clients' ATO tax portals


Liam Shorte is director, financial planner and specialist SMSF adviser at Verante Financial Planning. He is also a director of the SMSF Association and author of The SMSF Coach. He shared his journey to financial planning with Industry Moves and explains how so much admin and red tape is hurting advisers. More

It is all about the look on their faces


After watching her parents lose money on their investments during the GFC, partly due to poor financial advice, Nicola Chaffe made the decision to shift from accounting to private wealth and financial planning. She also made the tree change from central Melbourne to Bendigo Victoria around the same time, and hasn’t looked back. She is now a director at Venture Financial Advisers and loves working with numbers and people. More

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Case Study - FASI fpCentral™ Aged Care

After identifying a gap in the market, founder and executive officer of FASI (Financial Advice Service Innovation), Greg Harper, has launched a referral platform for aged care which he hopes will change the way people navigate their way through the available options. ##What went into launching the ... More


Case Study - Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund

Loftus Peak has just launched an actively managed exchange traded fund version of its Loftus Peak Global Disruption Fund. The addition of the fund to the ASX (ASX Code: LPGD) now makes it accessible to investors via the ASX or directly through the managed fund. Loftus CEO Rick Steele spoke to ... More


Case Study - ASX-listed Munro Global Growth Fund

GSFM and Munro Partners have launched their first ASX-quoted fund, a listed version of the the Munro Global Growth Fund (Hedge Fund), with ASX ticker MAET. Munro Partners founding partner and CEO, Ronald Calvert, explains why listening to advisers is so important to a successful launch.
... More

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