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Q&A with Frontier's new Director of Sector Research


It was announced today that Paul Newfield has been appointed director of sector research at Frontier Advisors. We ask Paul what he's looking forward to most, what's on his to do list, and if ESG considerations will be a big part of his role? He also reflects on how the industry has changed over the past two decades, names his pick for 'the next big thing' in investment management, and admits to being a 'cautious adventurer by heart'. More

Adam Gee on his new role at GROW Super


One month into his new role as head of strategy at GROW Super, Adam Gee shares his enthusiasm for TINA, a technology platform he says will "completely change the way in which funds are able to engage with their members." We ask him how his previous roles have prepared him for this one, what he thinks the return of the Morrison government will mean for the industry, and to reveal something about himself that most people wouldn't know.


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