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"End users have always shaped the development of our platform": Q&A with MackeyRMS' Chris Mackey and Hoony Youn


In response to client demand for their research product, founders Chris Mackey and Hoony Youn are visiting Australia next month. They talk to Industry Moves about the initial frustration that led to the founding of the company and how the product has evolved over the past eight years as it seeks to make investment professionals' days more productive. They also share a little about what makes them tick - such as who their biggest career influences are, and what working for themselves means to them.


"We remain bullish on emerging market debt": Q&A with Eaton Vance's Bradford Godfrey


In this Q&A, Bradford Godfrey, director of alternative and asset allocation strategies at Eaton Vance, shares the firm’s insights on recent developments in the emerging markets debt universe. He explains why, for this asset class in particular, it is essential to research outside a broad market index and how ESG factors are especially important when it comes to emerging markets.


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