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A strong passion for justice: Q&A with legalsuper's new Chair Kirsten Mander


With a passion for justice and a fondness for a good intellectual argument, Kirsten Mander steps into the role of legalsuper chair this week. She tells us what she's most looking forward to in the role and what drew her to the fund and the sector. She also shares some highlights from her work with the International Women's Development Agency (IWDA) and some fascinating initiatives for the coming year, as well as her thoughts on board quotas, some sound advice, and how she learnt to manage angry female mud wrestlers.


"Alignment of motives. It's everything": Year in review with ANZ NGA's Paul Barrett


It has been a big year for AZ NGA CEO, Paul Barrett, who talks us through some highlights and challenges of 2017 and hints at some exciting developments for 2018. He tells us about the organisation's push into the accounting space - which he considers a 'natural move' - shares the key element he believes makes for a cohesive workplace community, and names his proudest moment with the firm since inception. More

"Up front and transparent": Q&A with Omega's new Head of Portfolio Management


Simon Tung has joined Omega Global Investors as head of portfolio management and, as he tells Industry Moves, he's excited by the calibre of his new team. He shares with us his goals for the coming months and a little about his investment strategy and prior experience. We also find out a little about his formative years, his greatest influence, his talented brothers, and his 'dream' career. More

"People, Culture, Leadership": Q&A with Kylie Willment


When asked to sum up her first few months as Mercer's CIO, Pacific, Kylie Willment needed only one word, "exciting!" In an informative Q&A with Industry Moves, Kylie speaks of the values alignment she's experienced in both her current and previous roles, shares her excitement for the 'unstoppable train' that is responsible investing, reflects on lessons learnt in self worth that now form part of her personal mantra, and why flexibility at work is key to achieving balance. More

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