How do we collect information?

We source publicly available information from financial industry publications, mainstream press and media releases. We also receive information directly through our Report a Move tool.

Why do new pages open for news sources?

All articles are directly linked to the original news sources on their respective web pages.

How do we verify information?

If there is no media release to support a story, we endeavor to verify that the move has taken place, prior to publishing, by using publicly available sources such as LinkedIn™, the relevant organisation’s website or by contacting the person that has moved.

What moves are covered?

We include executive or board moves that occur in the Institutional and Retail Finance industry. We also include certain service providers to the industry – such as insurance providers, financial administrators and financial software companies.

Why is an appointment or departure sometimes missing within a move?

Industry Moves™ covers the moves that relate to the Australian market only. In some moves a contact will move from/to a global role. For these moves, we include the Australian departure or appointment only, as well as info on the global role within the commentary. Also, if a person has moved from/to the industry, we cover only the part of the move pertaining to the industry.

Why are you receiving the weekly newsletter?

When you register for Industry Moves™, you automatically go on our email list to receive the weekly newsletter. You can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time without affecting your registration to the website.