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Industry Moves was established in March 2014 and is a product of Data Rules Pty Ltd, an independent company founded and owned by Debbie Wilkes and Katrina Mathieson. It has no affiliations with any other organisation.

Katrina Mathieson
Katrina Mathieson
Debbie Wilkes
Debbie Wilkes

A bit of background

Having worked together in numerous publishing and distribution roles over the past 17 years, Debbie and Katrina share the same professional and personal ethics.

They were instrumental in developing InvestorSupermarket - an online tool for the financial services industry.

Debbie also spent five years as head of distribution and co-founder of financial services media and events company, Conexus Financial.

In turn, Katrina spent five years as communications, marketing & fundraising manager for iconic charity The Wayside Chapel where she was part of a successful expansion that included a $7m building redevelopment and an increase in full-time staff from 4 - 30.

With the launch of Industry Moves, Debbie and Katrina have realised an oft-considered venture to create a business combining their various skills.

About Industry Moves®

Industry Moves is a one-of-a-kind online database and newsletter service about the people and products in insto and retail finance.

It has been developed to:

  • house verified information about people moves;

  • link through to media releases and news articles offering moves commentary and context;

  • provide a vehicle for the personalities behind the moves to shine; and

  • showcase the latest products.


Industry Moves® includes:

If you are new to Industry Moves, then we hope you find our website useful and easy to use.

We welcome your feedback and and invite you to subscribe to our services.

Data Rules Pty Ltd trades as Industry Moves (industrymoves.com) which is an Australian independently owned business. Registered address: 89 Cary Street, Marrickville NSW 2204 ACN 162 208 184 ABN 59 162 208 184