WE Coaching Academy

Financial advisory firm for Gen Y, Wealth Enhancers, has launched the WE Coaching Academy, for financial advisers who want to focus on advising Gen Y, and also scale their business.

The Coaching Academy will take place in Melbourne and will be led by Wealth Enhancers co-founder and chief investment officer Finn Kelly.

The dates for the initial workshops are:

19-21st February 2018 – Advising and Coaching Gen Y

27-28th February 2018 – Scaling a Financial Advice Business

"Having developed a tried and tested model for success, we now want to share our expertise in this area with other financial advisers to ensure we reach as many Gen Y’s as possible and help them become financially free,” Finn Kelly said.

Wealth Enhancers WE Coaching Academy Launched on 01 February 2018 Designed for financial advisers who want to advise Gen Y clients. Find out more Industry Moves does not hold an AFS Licence and neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.

Helping advisers to engage Gen Y: Q&A with Wealth Enhancers' Finn Kelly

Wealth Enhancers (WE) was one of the first players in the game to focus solely on Gen Y clientele. We are starting to see a rise in firm’s targeting this age group, what do you think has prompted this?

I'd say there are a couple of reasons. Firstly, Gen Y are now not so young, and they're the largest percentage of the workforce, they contribute over 50% of discretionary spending, and are also potentially going to be beneficiaries of the largest transfer of wealth we've ever seen. Secondly, we're seeing a large number of Gen Y entering the advice profession, naturally they are often more interested in advising and helping their own generation instead of the traditional retiree / pre-retiree market. We're very happy this shift is happening as it means more of our generation will be getting the guidance and advice that they need to become financially secure.

What will advisers gain from attending your WE Coaching Academy workshops that they couldn’t find elsewhere?

We haven't come across any education targeted purely at helping advisers advise and coach Gen Y. Predominantly the existing education available to financial advisers is very focused on retirement planning for those close to ceasing their working life, these clients have very different needs from a typical Gen Y client. The strategies and advice are completely different, and so we're sharing all the knowledge that has taken us years to build, essentially what we wish we could have had access to when we started working with Gen Y.