VGI Partners Global Investments Limited - (ASX code: NWL)

VGI Partners Global Investments Limited launched on the ASX on 28 September, 2017.

The initial IPO sought to raise up to $300 million, with the ability to accept an additional $100 million in over-subscriptions.

The boutique fund manager's investment portfolio focuses on global listed securities, holding a combination of long and short positions, and cash.

VGI Partners’ founder and managing partner, Robert Luciano said: "The Company will make VGI Partners’ investment strategy available to a broader range of investors. VGI Partners seeks to “buy and hold” long term investments in what we consider to be great businesses that are not fully valued by the market, while also short selling securities which we assess to be vulnerable to a material decline in price.”

Key dates
Offer opened: 3 August 2017
General Offer and Priority Allocation closed: 8 September 2017
Commenced trading on the ASX: 28 September 2017

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