VanEck Vectors Global Clean Energy ETF

VanEck Vectors will launch a clean energy exchange traded fund (ETF), called the VanEck Vectors Global Clean Energy ETF (CLNE), that will track the S&P Global Clean Energy Index.

The Index includes companies that are involved in activities such as: biofuel and biomass energy production, technology and equipment; ethanol and fuel alcohol production; fuel cells technology and equipment; geothermal energy production; hydro electricity production; solar energy production; and wind energy production.

“The demand for clean, green energy and the inevitable transition away from scarce non-renewable fuels is a global mega-trend offering huge investment potential," VanEck's managing director and head of Asia Pacific Arian Neiron said.

"Fossil fuels are finite, they will run out. CLNE gives investors an opportunity to invest in the infinite global clean energy supply of the future, and to participate in the transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources."

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