Schroders global private equity fund rated "Recommended"

Zenith Investment Partners has given the Schroder Specialist Private Equity Fund a “Recommended” rating, citing the team's breadth and depth of experience in the asset class and the experience and calibre of the investment committee.

The fund offers investors diversified exposure to private equity in a semi-liquid structure. It is managed by Schroders’ dedicated private equity team, Schroder Adveq.

“Zenith highlights that Schroder Adveq targets the small to medium end of the private equity opportunity set, with the scope to invest in niche and growth stage capital. This ‘small cap’ focus typically results in less competition from large private equity managers, allowing the firm to invest in companies/funds on more attractive earnings multiples," Zenith said.

”The fund provides investors with access to the often hard-to-reach global private equity markets, offering a broader universe of companies than those listed on public exchanges, including many early stage and growth-orientated companies," Chris Durack, Schroders Australia CEO, added.

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