Resolution Capital Real Assets Fund rated ‘Recommended’

Zenith Investment Partners has rated the Resolution Capital Real Assets Fund ‘Recommended’ in its first review of the fund.

The fund launched in October 2019 after Resolution Capital gained unitholder approval to change the strategy of the Core Plus Property Securities Fund.

The fund invests in listed infrastructure securities, and global and Australian listed real estate. Up to 50 per cent of the fund’s portfolio by gross asset value can be invested in Australian listed infrastructure securities, up to 20 per cent in global listed real estate securities and global listed infrastructure, and at least 50 per cent is invested in Australian real estate investment trusts.

The fund's portfolio manager, Jan de Vos, said the Zenith rating reflected a strong appraisal for the role that a carefully selected portfolio of quality REITs and listed infrastructure can play in investors’ portfolios.

“Infrastructure and real estate have similar characteristics as both derive revenue from physical assets which, over time, can generate sustainable, long-dated, inflation-protected cash flows and provide exposure to population growth and urbanisation," De Vos said.

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