MFS Prudent Capital Trust added to Netwealth platform

The MFS Prudent Capital Trust - a multi-asset global trust - has been added to the Netwealth platform and can now be accessed by retail investors.

The trust invests in both equity and debt instruments of quality businesses, with the flexibility to invest in cash and short-term government securities to seek a total return over a full market cycle. It is not constrained by benchmark, geography or market capitalisation. Its investment composition is generally in the region of 50 to 90 per cent global equity, 10 to 30 per cent global credit and 0 to 40 per cent cash, cash equivalents and short-term US government securities.

"The trust's focus on a long-term investment horizon, judicious security selection, downside risk mitigation and responsible capital allocation helps it manage through market gyrations. This makes it an ideal investment solution for investors who prioritise long-term total returns," Ross Cartwright, MFS managing director, head of retail, Australia and New Zealand, said.

The MFS Global Equity Trust, the MFS Emerging Markets Equity Trust and the MFS Global Concentrated Equity Trust are already available on the Netwealth platform.

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