Janus Henderson Tactical Income Active ETF launched on Chi-X

Janus Henderson Investors has launched a listed version of its Tactical Income Fund on the Chi-X exchange, called the Janus Henderson Tactical Income Active ETF (TACT).

The fund uses active asset allocation and is designed to make tactical investment decisions between the predominantly Australian fixed income asset classes of cash, fixed and floating interest rate securities (including government and semi-government bonds), asset backed securities, corporate securities and hybrids.

“The coronavirus pandemic has triggered a reshuffling of investment priorities and we expect to see demand for defensive solutions accelerate," Matt Gaden, Janus Henderson head of Australia, said.

"Investors are likely to make or increase allocations to funds which have demonstrated an ability to weather the prevailing volatile market turbulence,."

The unlisted fund currently has $3.4 billion in funds under management and was established in the aftermath of the GFC.

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