Investec Global Environment Strategy

Investec Asset Management has launched a new investment strategy, which invests in listed companies that benefit from the trend towards decarbonization, called the Investec Global Environment Strategy.

By investing in companies that will benefit from the energy transition away from carbon, the strategy aims to provide investors with exposure to a $2.5 trillion growth opportunity. The strategy involves a detailed analysis of the full carbon value chain and aims to identify businesses with products that are contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

"The world has embarked on its third energy transition: a relatively rapid shift in favour of low-carbon energy. Electricity needs to take market share from all other forms of energy, as we electrify transportation and heating," Deirdre Cooper, co-portfolio manager, said,

According to Investec co-chief executive officer, John Green, humanity faces the unprecedented challenge of transitioning quickly to a carbon-free growth model in order to become more sustainable.

"Because of this, the case for investing in public companies that tackle climate risk is a mainstream investment priority," he said.

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