Evergreen Consultants Portfolio Stress-testing tool

Investment consulting group Evergreen Consultants has launched a new institutional-grade portfolio stress-testing tool for financial advisers within its portfolio analytics system GreenVUE. The tool enables advisers to visualise different investment portfolios’ risk and return characteristics given a range of events and market influences.

“There is no way to invest without risk, but the best way to guard against risk is constantly to measure it and assess it – and to manage it,” Angela Ashton, founder and director at Evergreen Consultants, said.

GreenVUE can run re-simulations of events like the global financial crisis, the Euro debt crisis, the US credit rating downgrade, oil shocks, rising global interest rates, trade conflict and the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The tool assesses how today’s portfolios would perform if these historical events – and the markets’ reaction to them – were repeated, in terms of the total return, maximum drawdown and volatility that could be expected,” Evergreen senior analyst David Cohen said.

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