CC JCB Global Bond Fund

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Jamieson Coote Bonds has launched a new global bond fund - called the CC JCB Global Bond Fund - which invests in global sovereign debt, semi-government debt, and the debt of agencies and supra-nationals, in the core G7 countries, as well as some satellite countries.

The fund aims to give investors global diversification within their fixed income allocation and provide a complement to domestic risk assets. The hedged version of the fund's benchmark, which it aims to outperform, is the Bloomberg Barclays Global G7 Total Return Index Value (hedged in AUD).

There is an option to switch between $AUD hedged (to $USD), and $AUD unhedged, at no additional cost. The fund has a 0.59 per cent annual cost, which includes management and administration fees. Investors can invest via a platform or directly with a $100,000 minimum investment.

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Industry Moves last caught up with Charlie Jamieson, CIO of Jamieson Coote Bonds, 12 months ago to discuss starting up the active bond fund manager in 2016. A year later and JCB has added an active international bond fund to the mix. He talks to Industry Moves about the outlook for bond markets and what he believes will be the "next big thing" for credit.