NZ Super fund appoints former QSuper chief to board

Board Move


The New Zealand Superannuation Fund has appointed former QSuper CEO Rosemary Vilgan as a member of its board.

"Guardians Board members are chosen for their experience, training and expertise in the management of financial investments, as well as their mix of complementary skills," said NZ Super Fund chair Catherine Savage. "Rosemary’s deep experience in the Australasian investment sector brings a unique perspective to the Guardians Board and we look forward to her joining the team."

Vilgan left QSuper as CEO in 2015 after more than 27 years with the organisation. She has since held several directorships, including as chair of the Commonwealth Bank Officers Superrannuation Corporation and the Children's Hospital Foundation.

Vilgan will serve a five-year term beginning in October.

"I look forward to joining the Board of the Guardians and supporting its incredibly important work investing for New Zealand’s future," said Vilgan.

"Since inception the NZ Super Fund has achieved strong results and is well-placed to meet its mandate of smoothing the future cost to taxpayers of providing universal superannuation."


October 2020

Non-Executive Director

New Zealand Superannuation