Former Liberal leader joins Crescent Wealth board

Board Move


Crescent Wealth, an Islamic and socially responsible super fund based in Australia, has announced that former Liberal Party leader and economist, John Hewson, will join the Crescent Wealth board as the fund "gears up for an aggressive growth campaign in 2019."

Hewson has worked as an economist for the Australian Treasury, the Reserve Bank, the IMF and as an advisor to two successive Federal Treasurers. He first entered politics in 1987 as the member for Wentworth before serving as Leader of the Opposition from 1990 till 1994.

As part of its growth campaign, Crescent Wealth managing director, Talal Yassine, said that fund would target all Australians as well as Australian Muslims and that he wanted Australia to become "more like Malaysia, where a substantial proportion of non-Islamic people preferred Islamic finance products because of their transparency, social responsibility, focus on real assets and strong returns."


December 2018


Crescent Wealth

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