End of Year Quiz

Wednesday 19th December 2018


Through our weekly Q&As, we’ve discovered the sporting prowess, former careers, notable views and sliding-door professions of some of our industry’s newest and most recognisable faces. Take our quiz to test your knowledge of some of the people we've featured in 2018.

1. Which industry fund C-Suite executive started out as a builder and owned their own construction business by 22?

a) Ben Squires, chief investment officer, NGS Super
b) Vicki Doyle, chief executive officer, Rest
c) Leigh Gavin, chief investments officer, LUCRF


3. If not finance, what would you be doing? Match the sliding-door professions.

a) Matthew Fogarty, chief executive officer, Fitzpatricks
b) Olivia Long, MD strategy and operations, Prime Financial, Wealth & Super Division
c) Rebecca Fletcher, head of governance, AMIST
d) Paul Cahill, chief executive officer, NESS Super

Solving crimes
Landscape gardening
Farming fish
Obstetrics (despite loathing the sight of blood)

3. Monash Council’s youngest mayor, elected at the age of 22, was appointed chair of which super fund this year?

a) Vision Super (Geoff Lake)
b) Super SA (Greg Boulton)
c) NESS Super (Dave McKinley)


4. Which entrepreneur was an army officer and undercover angel before setting out to make Gen Y the most “financially free” generation in Australia’s history?

a) Wealth Enhancers founder, Finn Kelly
b) Financial Synergy founder, David Orford
c) Industry veteran, Ray Miles


5. Who said what?

a) "Life without a few treats is not worth living.”
b) "There are no good reasons why a man would be better than a woman at the roles I have tackled."
c) "APRA threw customers under the bus."
d) "Live as if you’re going to die tomorrow and as if you are going to be around for the next thousand years."

Alan Kohler, Editor in chief, InvestSMART
Mathew Browning, CEO, UCA Funds Management
Vanssa Stoykov, entrepreneur
Maria Wilton, former head of Franklin Templeton Australia

6. Which former CEO set out to 'find their north' through a series of adventures that included walking the 800 kilometres of the Camino de Santiago?

a) Rob Prugue, former APAC CEO Lazard Asset Management
b) Rob Koczkar, former CEO, Social Ventures Australia (SVA)
c) Cindy Hook, former CEO, Deloitte Australia


7. The finance industry is brimming with talented sportsmen and women. Match the person to their sporting prowess.

a) Danica Hampton, former head of investment specialists, Citi
b) Brian Delaney, senior managing director, U.S., QIC
c) Larry Achike, BDM, ETF Securities

Former basketballer with the Brisbane Bullets
Competitive weightlifter
Olympian & Commonwealth Games triple jumper

8. And while we're talking sport, which influential woman grew up in a loud and loving family that loves a bit of “smack talk” and frequent games of rugby?

a) Miriam Herold, head of managed fund research, IOOF
b) Allison Hill, director of investments, global multi-asset, QIC
c) Lata McNulty, chair, Women in Super NSW


Gold star The Team at Industry Moves wishes you a happy festive season and
looks forward to bringing you more fascinating insights into the people
within our industry in 2019.

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