Moves Analysis - 2018

Thursday 25th January 2018

Moves 2013-2017

As is customary for our first newsletter of the year, we bring you a snapshot of the 1428 moves reported in 2018 with comparative data and analysis for the last three years.

In 2018, there was an 8% increase in the number of organisations that reported, or made public, the changes to their executive staff compared to 2017.

20% of the 679 executive appointments were awarded internally, either as promotions or as part of an organisation restructure or reshuffle. Examples of which are: NAB, TCorp, Future Fund, State Super, Rest, LUCRF, Lonsec and Macquarie Group.

Snapshot Jan - Dec 2018

679 - Executive appointments (27% female/ 73% male)
148 - Board Appointments (45% female/ 55% male)
521 - Executive Departures (24% female/ 76% male)
80 - Board Departures (31% female/ 69% male)
361 - Organisations with moves
314 - Organisations with appointments
227 - Organisations with departures
July - Month of most appointments
November - Month of least appointments

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Gender Comparison 2016 - 2018

Number of Moves - Comparison 2016-2018

The percentage of women appointed to executive positions remained relatively stagnant, with just a 1% increase on 2017 figures and a 3% increase since 2016.

Board appointments tell a different story with Industry Moves recording a 7% increase in appointments made to women since 2017 and a 13% increase since 2016.

For the top jobs, over all sectors in the industry, 67 appointments were classified as CEO positions; of these just 10 went to women, including Kate Farrar (LGIA Super), Deanne Stewart (First State Super), Vikki Doyle (Rest) and Shemara Wikramanayake (Macquarie Group).

Industry Moves covered 288 organisations that awarded executive appointments, 38 of them didn't appoint men, 165 of them didn't appoint women. Of the 90 organisations that appointed to their boards, 14 didn't appoint men, 36 didn't appoint women.

We look forward to bringing you more insights from the six years of historical information in the Industry Moves data vault over the coming months.

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