Expanding the super early release and JobSeeker eligibility

Tuesday 7th April 2020 Justin Cleveland

Zuper’s co-founder and CEO, Jess Ellerm, is pushing for the government to expand early access to people on temporary visas.

The idea, she believes, was based on the idea of incentivising temporary migrants to return to their home country. Given the cancellation of international flights and rapid closer of borders, that may no longer be feasible.

“The harsh reality is many temporary migrants can no longer return home. Thus, if they lose their income, they are stranded in Australia with no income, and no access to welfare payments of any kind. This puts them in a terrible limbo, and in many cases extreme hardship,” she told Industry Moves.

Jess Ellerm

Ellerm says that excluding temporary workers would actually undermine the goals of the program. “Even worse, as a consequence of this policy oversight, many temporary migrants could be forced into a situation where they are forced to undermine social distancing policies in their search for housing and work.

“This is a counterproductive, unintended consequence of the exclusion that is bad for all Australians.

"As a business Zuper has taken the decision to engage in this campaign because we believe that all people working and paying tax in Australia, temporary migrants, permanent residents, and citizens should benefit from all the Covid-19 Crisis emergency welfare measures, including early access to Super, and the JobKeeper program."

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