Adam Gee on his new role at GROW Super June 2019


One month into his new role as head of strategy at GROW Super, Adam Gee shares his enthusiasm for TINA, a technology platform he says will "completely change the way in which funds are able to engage with their members." We ask him how his previous roles have prepared him for this one, what he thinks the return of the Morrison government will mean for the industry, and to reveal something about himself that most people wouldn't know.

What was the impetus for joining the team at GROW?

Whilst I have been asked this question more times than I can think about in the last month, the decision was not as difficult as everyone may think. For those that know me well, they are aware that one of my passions is to improve the lives of Australians in retirement and the opportunity that GROW presented through the build of our technology platform, TINA, was a great opportunity to drive this. In my view, the platform will completely change the way in which funds are able to engage with their members using best of breed providers and at a lower cost, that will benefit the entire superannuation system and improve the outcomes funds provide to their members. The opportunity to work with GROW to shape this offering appealed directly to this passion.

How have your previous roles prepared you for this one?

Having worked in the superannuation industry for a number of years, I have been absolutely privileged to develop some amazing relationships with many people within the market. Through my role at SuperRatings, and more recently back at KPMG, I’ve also been lucky enough to have a helicopter view of the industry and get a real understanding of the key issues that keep fund executives and Trustee Boards up at night. The ability to work closely with the GROW team to shape the TINA offering to address many of these concerns brings together all of this experience. Similarly, the opportunity to introduce the technology to many friends and colleagues within funds, to show them the future of administration, is the part I enjoy the most.

"The ability to work closely with the GROW team to shape the TINA offering to address many of these concerns brings together all of this experience."

What are your goals for the next 12-months?

The goal over the next 12-months for me is a simple one. We need to prove our capability by successfully executing and delivering on the value that TINA can bring to the superannuation system. When we achieve this, we will truly make a step-change to the industry and the most important recipients of the benefit, the members.

What do you think the Morrison Government will mean for the superannuation industry going forward?

Like most, I certainly didn’t expect the election would result in the return of the Liberal Government. With that in mind, I don’t believe there will be significant changes to the taxation or contribution rules for superannuation in the short to medium term. The key battleground that we will see greater focus on under the Liberal Government is the pressure on underperforming funds to consolidate, a likely review of the number of funds within the system as a whole, as well as the manner in which members are defaulted into funds. Whilst I believe resolving the first two issues will also resolve the default fund selection process, there is no doubt all of these will be a key focus over the coming three years.

What was your very first job?

My first job was as a uni student working at Kmart part-time. I loved every minute as I worked in the hardware department, mixing paint and selling power tools all day - what more could an 18 year old kid want! My first real job was as an administrator at AMP and that’s where the superannuation career begun.

Where did you grow up and what was it like?

I’m a Sydney boy, born and bred. Mostly in the northern suburbs of Sydney and I haven’t really moved far ever since. Whilst I’ve travelled quite a bit in my roles, I always look forward to coming home to Sydney.

What is something most people wouldn’t know about you?

I actually graduated from University with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Psychology. To be completely honest, I wasn’t a great student and disliked almost every aspect of my degree when I was doing it, but only now do I recognise the benefits it gave me in terms of being able to read people and analyse situations with greater clarity.

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