WealthO2 adds Chi-X TraCRs and quoted funds to platform

WealthO2 has added 35 Chi-X TraCRs and all quoted Chi-X Funds to its suite of wealth management software solutions. The addition enables users of the platform to access US large cap companies such as Zoom, Amazon and Netflix via Chi-X's TraCRs .

The range of active ETFs currently quoted on Chi-X include; the Active X Kapstream Absolute Return Income Fund (XKAP), the eInvest Cash Booster Fund (ECAS), the Schroder Absolute Return Income Fund (PAYS), and the Janus Henderson Tactical Income Active ETF (TACT).

“Financial advisers are increasingly looking to broaden the investment universe available to their clients. Chi-X TraCRs provide that exposure to US mega caps that clients have, until now, been unable to easily invest in,” Shannon Bernasconi, managing director and co-founder of WealthO2, said.

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