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Warakirri Asset Management has launched a new agricultural fund, called the Warakirri Diversified Agriculture Fund, which will purchase and develop a diversified portfolio of Australian agricultural assets and lease them to high quality tenants.

The fund will focus on investments in higher value sectors such as nuts, fruit, vineyards, intensive livestock, agriculture infrastructure and water.

“Warakirri is pleased to announce this initiative and has observed, over a long period of time, the value to investors of incorporating professionally managed agriculture into their investment portfolios” Warakirri managing director, Jim McKay, said.

The unit trust is targeting over $300 million in investments and has a minimum investment of $100,000. The management fee is 1 per cent of gross assets under management. There is also a performance fee of 15 per cent of fund outperformance over an IRR (internal rate of return) highwater mark of 8 per cent per annum.

Launch date: 15 Nov 2018. First Close: 31 Mar 2019

Warakirri Asset Management Warakirri Diversified Agriculture Fund Launched on 15 November 2018 Designed for high net worth individuals (HNWIs), family offices, and not-for-profit organisations. Find out more Industry Moves does not hold an AFS Licence and neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.

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Specialist agriculture asset manager Warakirri has just launched an agricultural fund which will enable family offices, high net worth individuals and not-for-profit organisations to access its expertise in this space. Industry Moves speaks to Adrian Goonan, head of agricultural strategy at Warakirri Asset Management, about how the agricultural industry is changing and why more young people studying agricultural-related fields is a good thing for the economy.


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