Vanguard Global Multi-factor Fund and ETF

Vanguard has launched two options to invest in a core diversified global equity portfolio that focuses on value, momentum and quality - the Vanguard Global Multi-factor Fund and the Vanguard Global Multi-factor Active exchange traded fund (ASX: VGMF).

The fund is for wholesale investors and has a management fee of 0.35 per cent while the ETF's management fee is 0.33 per cent.

“We are delivering on our commitment to offer investors more low-cost active fund options with the addition of this multi-factor strategy, which has been sought after by advisers following the introduction of our value and minimum volatility factor offerings," Vanguard’s investment product strategy manager, Rachel White, said.

“Globally we’ve seen good adoption of this multi-factor strategy with the blending of factors helping to smooth returns, reduce downside risk and provide diversification benefits.

Vanguard Investments Australia Vanguard Global Multi-factor Fund and ETF Launched on 10 April 2019 Designed for wholesale and retail investors. Find out more This report is informational only in nature. Industry Moves neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.