THB International (ex. USA) Micro Cap Fund

US micro and small cap specialist investment manager Thomson Horstmann & Bryant (THB) has partnered with Brookvine to launch the THB International (ex. USA) Micro Cap Fund to wholesale investors in Australia.

The fund has been seeded with an initial investment of $40 million by IOOF Investment Management.

“Our stocks are largely absent from global small and large cap oriented portfolios. The new international fund gives investors low volatility, high quality exposure to an inefficient asset class at the early stages of institutionalisation," THB’s chief executive officer and portfolio manager, Christopher Cuesta, said.

The fund also takes into account environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors and risks. It has a management fee of 1.25% per annum and a buy/sell spread of 0.50% on applications and withdrawals. Its minimum investment is $250,000.

“We’ve received strong interest from forward-thinking investors who wish to diversify their equities exposure across markets and beyond large cap stocks. Many investors also view micro caps as an alternative to private equity," Brookvine chief executive officer Steven Hall said.

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