Skyjed product lifecycle management software

Leica Ison, a former senior product executive at major bluechip companies, including Hills and NBN Australia, has launched a new product lifestyle management software called Skyjed.

Skyjed, which is based on the Tibetan word for growth, is a new approach to product lifecycle management, which Ison says has remained largely static since 1962.

The proposition

Skyjed Health-check reduces the time it takes to conduct health-checks of products, including reviews, plans and a retrospective. Skyjed Analytics comprises a product performance, benchmarking and reporting tool, and Skyjed Simulation offers future planning tools including investment scenarios, mergers and acquisitions and sunsetting functions.

“Businesses are leaving value on the table by not taking a disciplined framework to reviewing their products post launch," Ison says.

The application

The software could be used, for example, by a large financial services company looking to implement a product management governance framework to train the product team to have a more commercial and strategic mindset and also to address concerns of the regulator around product governance and compliance issues. It can also gather together all the relevant data in one place to enable better holistic decisions around product innovation and direction.

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"Disruption is in the very air we breathe": Q&A with startup founder Leica Ison

What made you decide to set up Skyjed/What made you aware of the need for something like this?

After 20 years working in product management for many different organisations, I took a break and reflected on the whole box and dice, and thought about how it could all be done better.

While working as a consultant with Private Equity firms in US and Europe, I took some time to interview 100 product managers to gain their perspective. Their insights were compelling. I discovered that most businesses were focused on launching new products for growth, but lacked digital tools to conquer the challenges that almost all products experience post-launch.

Product managers told me they were spending more than half their time on ad-hoc reporting, wasting productive time to largely look backwards, and still relying on the ancient ‘art’ of powerpoint as a reporting tool.

We tackled these issues by making sure our Skyjed software helps see competitive threats, entrants or technology shifts before they happen, and can course correct in product planning. And using Skyjed frees up 2000 hours per month for the average product team, time they can then spend on innovation and growth decisions.

By the way, we named Skyjed for the Tibetan word for growth.

Is it applicable for all kinds of products i.e. groceries to cars, financial services to telecommunications?

We’ve designed Skyjed to be a mission control centre for any product and marketing team. It’s completely tailorable to any business’s unique needs – to any product or service, from products and services a business sells to customers, and, for large enterprises, those provided internally.

A Skyjed health-check and analytics adds value by quickly and easily punching out the information and data needed to make strategic forward-looking business decisions.

So far, we’ve had some very positive feedback from a wide range of industries, including energy, technology, healthcare, financial services and infrastructure companies.