Sapphire Wind Farm co-investment initiative

DomaCom has been selected by CWP Renewables and Partners Group as their partner in the implementation of the community co-investment initiative for the Sapphire Wind Farm.

The Sapphire community co-investment allows local community members to invest alongside institutional investors. It is a first-come first-served opportunity, only open to residents located in the Federal Division of New England. Priority is given to wind farm neighbours and residents of the Inverell and Glen Innes Shires.

DomaCom has developed a “fractional investment” platform which allows multiple investors to aggregate their investments into an asset. This model, which has worked for real estate assets, has now been extended to renewable energy projects such as the Sapphire Wind Farm.

Interested community members are invited to attend the Open House events in Glen Innes, Armidale, Wellingrove and Inverell in December. Places at the Open House events can be booked here.

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