Reminiscent Capital's Cayman Fund

Pinnacle Investment Management affiliate Reminiscent Capital has launched a Cayman Fund to expand investor access to its Asia Macro Master Strategy.

The Asia Macro Master strategy is a discretionary macro trading strategy which invests in a highly liquid portfolio of rates, foreign exchange and equities. It has a policy of no net short option positions and has outperformed in months when the S&P 500 has suffered sell-offs. The strategy finished up 16.5 per cent before fees for the March quarter 2020.

“Divergent central bank policies on interest rates and foreign exchange, equity market dispersion, and temporary dislocations caused by the dominance of retail flows are combining to make Asian markets increasingly attractive for Reminiscent, at a time when many hedge fund allocators are underweight the region,” Reminiscent’s founder and chief investment officer, David Adams, said.

“After working through various market cycles, our experienced investment team is well aware that during downturns like we have witnessed in the past few months, investors who are in strong positions can take advantage of incredible investment opportunities."

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