Private Portfolio Managers' Global Growth Model

Private Portfolio Managers (PPM) has launched the PPM Global Growth Model on Powerwrap as a separately managed account (SMA) in both investment and superannuation options.

To date, PPM has offered only global individually managed accounts (IMAs) and the new offering, according to the firm, is in response to "adviser demand for an experienced ‘active’ manager of Global equities."

The PPM Global Growth Model is a concentrated portfolio of 20 to 25 global stocks in developed markets – principally the US, Europe and UK.

Investment opportunities are selected using PPMs stock selection approach "which uses three core concepts to identify financially strong, strategically superior and high return versus cost investments. PPM uses a ‘bottom up’ process and has a long term approach as indicated by the low portfolio turnover."

Hugh MacNally, CEO and founder of PPM, said "the PPM Global Growth SMA model is an ideal solution for financial advisers who themselves do not have the capacity to access global markets and whose clients want access to the advantages of direct equity exposure (transparency, lack of pooled tax consequences and low cost)."

PPM will be one of two global SMAs on the Powerwrap approved product list.

Richard Carr, Powerwrap's head of distribution said: “Advisers have been frustrated with limited direct global investment options and see global markets as key to gaining portfolio diversification.”

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