Pitch Labs

Pitcher Partners Adelaide has launched a subscription based accounting and financial advice service called Pitch Labs.

Pitch Labs will offer clients a fixed price agreement for ongoing services. That agreement entitles clients to unlimited communication, with additional costs for financial and accounting services beyond what are agreed upon in the contract. But Pitch Labs stresses that the cost of any additional services required needs to be agreed upon by both services before such services are provided.

"We know that businesses don’t always engage with their accountant on a regular basis," innovation lead at Pitcher Partners Adelaide, Jarrod Morris, said.

"A catch up, or phone call typically results in a bill. We have removed this anxiety by enabling fixed billing on a subscription basis."

In its Letter of Engagement Pitcher Labs also says that the standard method of billing - services in exchange for an hourly rate - presents a potential conflict of interest as it rewards providers for inefficiency.

"Hourly billing does not promote an emphasis on customer experience or an incentive to complete jobs quickly," Pitch Labs says.

Read more about the netflixing of financial advice here.

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