PineBridge Asia ex Japan Small Cap Genesis Fund

Global asset manager PineBridge Investments has launched its PineBridge Asia ex Japan Small Cap Genesis Fund to Australian investors. The fund invests in smaller to medium-sized companies in the Asia ex Japan region.

It seeks to provide long-term capital appreciation and has an investment universe of over 13,000 listed companies in the region. PineBridge uses a fundamental bottom-up process that seeks alpha from stock-level market inefficiency by anticipating the gradual change in companies over their lifecycle. Elisabeth Soon has been managing the strategy at PineBridge since 2008.

"Compared to their larger counterparts, Asian small caps often are under-researched, which creates mispricing opportunities. Moreover, with technology increasingly altering business models, ownership in the profit pool of various industries is changing hands, and new winners are emerging. To this end, the Fund seeks to unlock hidden value from underpriced but high-quality companies that can potentially compound capital over time," Soon said.

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