Pentalpha Income for Life Fund Ordinary Class

Pentalpha Investment Management has released a new class of unit in its Income for Life Fund, enabling new retail investors to invest in the fund, called Pentalpha Income for Life Fund Ordinary Class.

The fund aims to achieve a before fees total return in excess of 6 per cent per annum and distribute at least 1 per cent of the return on a quarterly basis.

The fund actively manages a high conviction, income-focused Australian share portfolio of around 10 to 20 stocks. The investment universe is limited to Australian shares with actively traded exchange traded options (ETOs), screened for sustainably high-franked dividends and then an intrinsic value screen is applied.

“Pentalpha produces a ‘risk-managed’ target return rather than a performance outcome that is ‘relative to benchmark’ or otherwise independent of the total return," Pentalpha’s executive chairman and head of investments, Denis Donohue, said.

"At the end of the day, I manage the fund as if it were my own, which is why I co-invest," he added.

The Pentalpha Income for Life Fund Foundation Class was launched two years ago but is now closed to new investors. Pentalpha Income for Life Fund Ordinary Clas is now available via platforms including Macquarie, HUB24, Netwealth, OneVue and PowerWrap.

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