Parametric's Equity Agility Platform

Eaton Vance affiliate, Parametric, has launched an Equity Agility Platform - or ‘one-stop shop’ Investment Management Agreement (IMA) - to help superannuation funds with all aspects of equity implementation, including transition management, tax-effectiveness, foreign exchange cost management and brokerage.

“This IMA might be set up for a certain purpose, like passive equity exposure, but can pivot easily from goal to goal as the fund’s needs change; for example, to change benchmarks, add a defensive tilt, serve as a ‘carpark’ when the fund is between managers, plug an unwanted risk exposure, add or remove emerging market exposure, quickly address ESG-related concerns or even chase less orthodox return sources such as equity put and call writing” Parametric Australia head, Chris Briant, says.

“They can get the whole lot solved in one place."

The platform is offered on a standard basis point base fee based on assets which comes down sharply with scale.

To read more about the platform and the hidden tax costs to superannuation funds of transition management, read our article here.

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