Moelis Australia Fixed Income Fund

Moelis Australia has opened a fixed income fund for investment. The Moelis Australia Fixed Income Fund invests in a diversified portfolio of credit investments.

The fund will target returns of the RBA cash rate plus 4 per cent per annum net of fees and will distribute monthly. It is only available to wholesale and institutional investors and has a minimum investment of $100,000.

Moelis Australia will co-invest an amount equal to 10 per cent of the fund's capital in the fund and says that co-investment is used to prioritise investor returns and significantly reduce investor risk.

The terms of the co-investment will provide investors with the benefit of a capital buffer and income priority. Moelis is also planning an IPO of the fund in the second half of 2019. Applications for the open-ended fund are due by 20 June 2019.

Moelis Australia Moelis Australia Fixed Income Fund Launched on 23 May 2019 Designed for institutional and wholesale investors. Find out more This report is informational only in nature. Industry Moves neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.