MetLife Australia Digital Life Insurance Platform

MetLife Australia has launched a digital life insurance claims platform for superannuation fund members to lodge and track life insurance claims.

The platform uses ‘open insurance’ application programming interface (API) technology, and is designed to make it faster and easier for members to scan and upload documents relating to their claims. Metlife says a simple income protection claim can take less than 15 minutes.

Metlife has partnered with South Australia-based superannuation fund Statewide to launch the platform. Statewide were also involved in its development.

“This new functionality helps Statewide Super deliver the best possible outcomes to our members who are looking to make an insurance claim, providing efficiencies and the opportunity for an instant update at any stage of the claims process,” Statewide Super’s general manager member engagement, Tony D’Alessandro, said.

The API technology used facilitates data transfer between the fund, the administrator, and MetLife, and enables pre-population of data in the claims form.

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