MCP Income Opportunities Trust

Alternative asset manager Metrics Credit Partners has opened an offer for a new trust to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in April, called the MCP Income Opportunities Trust.

The trust will invest in private credit through exposure to four wholesale funds managed by Metrics. These four funds are; the Metrics Credit Partners Secured Private Debt Fund (SPDF); the MCP Secured Private Debt Fund II (SPDF II); the MCP Real Estate Debt Fund (REDF); and the MCP Credit Trust (CT).

"The trust will be mostly exposed to loans, notes and bonds, however may also provide investors with the potential for upside gains above those generated from the interest paid on private credit through exposure to equity-like investments such as warrants, options, preference shares or equity as considered appropriate by the manager according to how it believes the investment objective can be best achieved." the trust's product disclosure statement says.

The Priority Offer will remain open until 12 April with trading on the ASX (ASX Code: MOT) expected to commence on 29 April, 2019.

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