Macrovue 5G Technology Portfolio (5G Technology Vue)

Fintech disruptor Macrovue has launched a concentrated international portfolio of high conviction positions in ten 5G technology stocks, called the 5G Technology Vue.

Upon launching the fund, Macrovue said that 5G offers significant investment opportunities as it represents a technological paradigm shift, akin to the move from the typewriter to the computer.

"5G is more complex than any connectivity technology that came before it – delivering scalability and capability to allow the efficient operation of autonomous cars, smart-cities, huge advances in healthcare, and more sophisticated industrial automation. 5G will enable the connectivity of 25 billion Internet of Thing devices and more than 300,000 level three and four autonomous vehicles, which are estimated to be in operation by 2020," the company said in a release.

The stocks in the 5G Technology Vue have been selected based on their exposure to 5G technology, and characteristics such as relative valuation, earnings growth potential, dividends and sustainable competitive advantage. It was launched privately mid February, to a small group of Macrovue's high net worth clients, and officially launched to the public on 5 March 2018.

Macrovue is an online investment platform provider, backed by an investment team of senior international equities experts who construct the portfolios.

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