Lost life insurance policy tracer

The Financial Services Council (FSC) has launched a simple new service to assist anyone who may be unable to locate their life insurance policy as a result of the ongoing bushfire disaster.

“There are a few scenarios where we can help, for example, if you need to make a claim for a relative in the case of a fatality; if you have been injured and can’t work; or if you have simply lost your policy documents and details,” FSC chief executive officer, Sally Loane, said.

FSC says for the Council to be able to help, simply copy the text below into an email, including the consent wording, fill in the blanks and email it to info@fsc.org.au:

Name of the person enquiring about the policy (your full name):

Your contact phone number:

Your email address:

Full name/s of the person/s insured under the policy:

The date/s of birth of the person/s insured: The last known address/es:

Your relationship to the insured person/s:

I consent to the Financial Services Council forwarding the above information to their life insurance members to help find any life insurance policies insuring the people named above.

I understand that the life insurer may have to confirm that I am entitled to the information sought, including whether I am the person insured, a beneficiary, executor, trustee or guardian of the insured person.

If insurance policies are held through superannuation members will need to contact their superannuation fund.

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