Longlead Pan-Asian Absolute Return Unit Trust

Pan-Asian long-short equity manager Longlead Capital Partners has launched a unit trust which provides Australian wholesale investors access to its Pan-Asian Absolute Return Strategy.

“While many global investors are still fundamentally underweight Asia’s growth, this is starting to change rapidly as the economic rebound, Asia’s success in suppressing COVID-19, and a likely de-escalation in the US-China trade war, refocuses investor attention on the opportunities in the region," Andrew West, co-founder and Australian managing director of Longlead Capital Partners, said.

The trust buys and shorts companies that are either based in Asia and Australia or that derive a large portion of their revenues from Asia or Australia. It has a minimum investment of $100,000 and West said the new year presented an opportunity for Australian wholesale investors to consider an allocation to Pan-Asian equities.

Longlead Capital Partners Longlead Pan-Asian Absolute Return Unit Trust Launched on 25 November 2020 Designed for wholesale investors as defined under the Corporations Act. Find out more This report is informational only in nature. Industry Moves neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.