Lifespan MDA portfolios on BT Panorama

Lifespan Financial Planning has launched 30 of its managed discretionary account (MDA) portfolio solutions on BT Panorama.

The launch means the model portfolios are accessible to the 250 financial planners in Lifespan's adviser network. The 30 portfolios include 10 Lifespan Strategic Asset Allocation portfolios and 20 pre-blended Strategic and Tactical Asset Allocation combinations.

Lifespan chief executive officer, Eugine Ardino, said that they would also be making their model portfolio solutions available to external advisers via Lifespan Partnership.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly highlighted the benefits of managed accounts to advice businesses and advisers, particularly when it comes to adapting to market volatility," he said.

"With an MDA, advisers can ensure investment decisions are more quickly implemented across the entirety of a client base to protect portfolios or take advantage of buying opportunities,” Ardino added.

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