Impax Asset Management

Fidante Partners has partnered with Impax Asset Management to bring the global sustainability specialist's investment capabilities to Australian investors.

Impax has £30 billion in assets under management and an investment approach which seeks out companies and assets that are well positioned to benefit from the shift to a more sustainable global economy.

“Fidante is very well-positioned to support Impax’s future growth aspirations among institutional and wholesale clients in Australia and New Zealand. As a significant player in the market, Fidante’s focus on partnering with specialist asset managers matches our own position as a specialist manager focusing on the transition to a more sustainable economy," Impax founder and chief executive officer, Ian Simm, said.

The first impact of the distribution arrangement is expected to be the rebranding of the BNP Paribas Environmental Equity Trust, for which Impact is currently the designated manager. That fund is based on the Impax Leaders strategy, which invests in companies that are developing innovative solutions to resource challenges in four key areas: new energy; water; waste and resource recovery; and sustainable food, agriculture and forestry. Fidante is expected to distribute the rebranded fund.

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