FTSE Women on Boards Leadership Index Series

FTSE Russell has created the FTSE Women on Boards Leadership Index Series to measure the strength of companies' gender diversity leadership at the board level, along with how well they manage their wider social impact.

The two initial indexes are the FTSE All-Share Women on Boards Leadership Index and the Russell 1000 Women on Boards Leadership Index. The two indices are based on the FTSE UK All-Share® and Russell 1000® and the more gender diverse a constituent company's board is, the more exposure it will have in the new indices.

The weightings in the underlying indexes are adjusted based on two measures:

Gender Diversity Adjustment – Ratio of female board members to total number of board members in excess of the ICB Industry average. An industry Neutrality Adjustment is applied to the Women on Boards adjustment

Social Impact Adjustment –Based on the Social Pillar score (out of five) as calculated in FTSE Russell’s ESG Ratings data model.

FTSE Russell FTSE Women on Boards Leadership Index Series Launched on 02 February 2018 Designed for investors interested in measuring and improving gender diversity. Find out more Industry Moves does not hold an AFS Licence and neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.