Fidelity Global Future Leaders Fund

Fidelity International has launched the Fidelity Global Future Leaders Fund, which will invest in 40 to 70 small and mid-cap global investment opportunities with market capitalisations of between US$1 billion and US$40 billion.

The fund is designed to catch the global leaders of the future before they become large caps and is managed by portfolio manager James Abela. It follows the strategy of the Australian equity future leaders fund, which is also managed by Abela.

“There’s a lot more to global investing than the mega household names like Apple and Amazon. The small- and mid-cap portion of the market offers investors exposure to inefficiently priced or undiscovered companies in their earlier stages of growth or maturity, and the associated upside growth prospects," co-managers James Abela and Maroun Younes said.

“In effect, we are looking for the stars of tomorrow, today – attractively valued companies with strong competitive positioning and sound company management.”

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