eInvest Future Impact Small Caps Fund

Perennial has launched an actively managed environmental, social and governance (ESG) exchange traded fund (ETF) - the eInvest Future Impact Small Caps Fund - on its ETF distributing platform eInvest. The fund is managed by Perennial Value Management.

“We are seeking to invest in small and mid-cap companies that are making a positive contribution to a sustainable future," Damian Cottier, portfolio manager at Perennial Value, said.

"We have a strong heritage in investing in the under-researched small cap universe which makes us well placed to uncover interesting investment opportunities for the fund.”

The fund is benchmarked against the S&P/ASX Small Ordinaries Accumulation index, and may hold up to 70 Australian or New Zealand stocks at any one time.

The fund has a management fee of 0.99 per cent per annum plus a monthly performance fee of 20% of any outperformance of the benchmark index once certain hurdles have been met.

Perennial Value Management eInvest Future Impact Small Caps Fund Launched on 24 May 2019 Designed for retail investors. Find out more This report is informational only in nature. Industry Moves neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.