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Eaton Vance - Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book - Q3 2017


Eaton Vance presents its Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book, an in-depth review of the loan market through clear and impactful charts. Providing timely information across a broad array of topics relating to this distinctive asset class, the Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book serves as a helpful resource in providing connectivity between changing market events and implications for investors’ loan allocation.

The Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book can be used to educate on the loan market, provide updates on loan market conditions and explain the role of loans within portfolios.

Floating-Rate Loan Primer

• Corporate debt issued by below-investment-grade borrowers.

• Most issuers are significant in size and scale – and many are familiar household names.

• Companies undertake loans for recapitalisations, acquisitions and refinancings.

• Coupon income from floating-rate loans resets regularly (about every 40-60 days on average) to maintain a fixed spread over a variable base rate, usually LIBOR.

• Loans are often referred to as “senior and secured”: They typically have the highest priority of claims in an issuer’s capital structure and are secured by specific collateral.

• Other common monikers: bank loans, leveraged loans, senior loans.

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