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Eaton Vance - Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book


Eaton Vance presents its Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book, an in-depth review of the loan market through clear and impactful charts. Providing timely information across a broad array of topics relating to this distinctive asset class, the Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book serves as a helpful resource in providing connectivity between changing market events and implications for investors’ loan allocation.

The Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book can be used to educate on the loan market, provide updates on loan market conditions and explain the role of loans within portfolios.

Floating-Rate Loan Primer

• Corporate debt issued by below-investment-grade borrowers.

• Most issuers are significant in size and scale – and many are familiar household names.

• Companies undertake loans for recapitalisations, acquisitions and refinancings.

• Coupon income from floating-rate loans resets regularly (about every 40-60 days on average) to maintain a fixed spread over a variable base rate, usually LIBOR.

• Loans are often referred to as “senior and secured”: They typically have the highest priority of claims in an issuer’s capital structure and are secured by specific collateral.

• Other common monikers: bank loans, leveraged loans, senior loans.

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Eaton Vance Australia Eaton Vance - Floating-Rate Loan Chart Book Launched on 31 December 2018 Designed for institutional investors. Find out more Industry Moves does not hold an AFS Licence and neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.

Q&A with John Redding: Portfolio Manager, Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Loans


Bank loans got a bad wrap in the global financial crisis due to their association with collateralised debt obligations (CDOs) which, in effect, were responsible for the crisis. However, bank loans can actually provide good diversification within portfolios. Industry Moves speaks with Eaton Vance’s John Redding – portfolio manager for the group’s Floating-Rate Loan Team - about their role as “the zig for the common zags” found elsewhere in portfolios. He also shares some sage advice from his mother.




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