Clime Income Enhancer Fund

Clime Investment Management has launched the Clime Income Enhancer Fund in partnership with US-based Sequoia Specialist Investments.

The fund is offering investors an 8 per cent per annum return paid quarterly but Clime stresses that, due to its complex structure, it is for sophisticated wholesale investors only. It uses financial instruments like options and has a minimum investment level of $25,000.

Clime will also offer eligible investors the opportunity to attend an educative briefing before proceeding to purchasing units in the fund.

“The Clime Income Enhancer – Series 1, is a Series of Units which offer investors the potential to receive fixed income returns of 2% pa per quarter, linked to a basket of four Australian shares, termed the ‘Reference Basket’," Clime COO, Sarah Bolouri, said.

The Reference Basket is comprised of a notional basket of one share in each of the following companies: Macquarie Group Limited; BHP Group Limited; Rio Tinto Limited; and Treasury Wine Estates Limited.

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