Chi-X launches TraCRs for Netflix and Starbucks

Chi-X Australia has launched five more transferable custody receipts (TraCRs) for major US companies, including Netflix and McDonalds.

The five TraCRs are for Caterpillar (TCXCAT), McDonald’s (TCXMCD), Netflix (TCXNFL), Starbucks (TCXSBU), and Visa (TCXVIS).

These five companies bring the total of TraCRs for US-based companies available on Chi-X up to 20.

“Chi-X has seen a notable uptick in daily trading of TraCRs since we introduced them to the market,” Chi-X Australia chief executive Vic Jokovic said.

“There is no doubt that TraCRs have filled a gap in the market for Australian investors looking to own US shares."

The first TraCRs were launched in October 2018 with a second tranche launched in June 2019.

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