Chi-X Australia makes Alphabet, Costco and PepsiCo available to Australian investors via TraCRs

Chi-X Australia has launched 10 more transferable custody receipts (TraCRs) for major US companies, including Google-parent Alphabet and PepsiCo.

Chi-X says the launch is in response to a "significant increase in demand for US mega caps" amidst significant market volatility. The new tranche of TraCRs to be offered are: Alphabet (TCXGOG), AT&T (TCXATT), Costco (TCXCOS), Lockheed Martin (TCXLMT), Nike (TCXNKE), NVIDIA (TCXNVD), Oracle (TCXORC), PepsiCo (TCXPEP), Procter & Gamble (TCXPAG), and The Boeing Co (TCXBOE).

“The impact of COVID-19 on markets across the world has been significant,” Chi-X Australia chief executive, Vic Jokovic, said.

“Adding to the list of available TraCRs will broaden the opportunities currently on offer to buy US mega caps.”

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