Chi-X adds Coke and Tesla to Chi-X TraCRs

Chi-X Australia has added six new companies to its suite of TraCRs (Transferable Custody Receipts). The new companies include electric vehicle and clean energy company Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and digital payments provider PayPal (NAQDAQ: PYPL).

Deutsche Access Investment Limited (DAIL) offers the products, of which there are now 41, on Chi-X. The other companies to be added are Blackrock (TCXBLK), Cisco (TCXCSC), The Coca-Cola Company (TCXCCC) and Stryker (TCXSYK).

“Overall we’re seeing sustained interest from the Australian market to access leading US companies across a variety of sectors including tech, health, financial and consumer staples,” Chi-X Australia chief executive, Vic Jokovic, said.

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