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A new platform - Cashwerkz - has launched which provides institutional, wholesale and retail investors a streamlined approach to investing in term deposits and bonds.

The Australian-developed platform provides investors with the ability to source market competitive interest rates in real-time and then to transact and manage cash allocations on an end-to-end secure platform. Cashwerkz facilitates the transfer of cash parcels between accounts held and controlled by the investor, their appointed adviser or custodian, via automated instructions to relevant parties. There is no fee payable by the investor and Cashwerkz receives a fee from the issuing ADI.

“The majority of Cashwerkz platform users continue to reinvest cash via the Cashwerkz platform. We find this inspiring. The Cashwerkz platform is now accepted as a highly transparent, efficient cash investment tool delivering more choice for all parties than ever before. We are very proud that our commitment to innovation and this first-to-market approach is being recognised and appreciated across broad sections of the financial services community,” Hector Ortiz, Cashwerkz chief executive officer, said.

Cashwerkz is a subsidiary of its parent company Trustees Australia Limited.

Cashwerkz Cashwerkz Launched on 15 November 2016 Designed for retail, institutional and wholesale investors. Find out more Industry Moves does not hold an AFS Licence and neither recommends nor endorses this product/service.

"You cannot be successful on your own": Q&A with Cashwerkz's Hector Ortiz


Cashwerkz CEO Hector Ortiz speaks to Industry Moves about how the platform came about and what it can do for both retail and institutional investors. Following a three-decade career in the industry, Hector knows how important it is to listen to clients and credits them as some of the biggest influencers on his career - along with his parents of course.