BetaShares diversified ETFs

BetaShares has launched a suite of diversified exchange traded funds that cover four different risk profiles and which are designed to simplify asset allocation decisions.

The four funds are as follows:

  • BetaShares Diversified High Growth ETF (90% growth, 10% defensive) - DHHF
  • BetaShares Diversified Growth ETF (70% growth, 30% defensive) - GGF
  • BetaShares Diversified Balanced ETF (50% growth, 50% defensive) - DBBF
  • BetaShares Diversified Conservative Income ETF (25% growth, 75% defensive) - DZZF.

““We wanted to bring a solution to the ASX which would allow investors - regardless of age, experience or wealth - the ability to access a robustly constructed portfolio that simplifies the asset allocation process”, BetaShares CEO, Alex Vynokur, said.

The funds are invested across shares, property securities, bonds and cash, in both Australian and global markets. Management fees across the suite are 0.26 per cent per annum.

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